The Ethnic Market

Ethnic markets represent a huge opportunity for marketers, multicultural marketing is no longer seen as an opportunity but a necessity as marketers continue to find that culture and ethnicity play a significant role in how brands are perceived and purchase decisions are made.


– Growth: Since the last census in 1991, the ethnic minority communities in the UK have grown by over 50%, making them 7.9% of the UK population.
– Diversity: In London alone, there are over 50 different ethnic communities of 10,000 or more and 300 different languages making the ethnic communities 31% of its population (UK Census data 2001).
– Power: With an estimated £32 billion in disposable income within the UK alone (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Report, September 2003), making the ethnic consumer a very serious source of purchasing power.

We believe serious attention must be made to the ethnic market as an integral part of any company’s marketing strategies.
Strategic, effective marketing is the driving force behind Akwan; our ultimate objective is maintaining superior customer value. We see marketing as the function of business, not as a business function. The culture of our business is to embed quality into every process we commit.

Our aim is to redefine marketing strategies according to the specific needs of the ethnic market to help companies to best their marketing needs.