Market Research

“Our purpose is to provide genuine expertise in a wide range of both traditional and innovative research techniques”

The success of any business is to listen to the ‘voice’ of their market, to be able to reflect and interpret changing consumer culture. Market research is one of the most useful tools for finding out what customers and potential customers need, want and care about. It has only been recently, that research in and for the ethnic market has been undertaken, and large areas concerning the attitudes and preferences of ethnic customers and consumers have relatively gone uncultivated. Our aim is to rediscover the ethnic market to provide you with direct access to lucrative marketing opportunities.

Akwan provides expertise in both qualitative and quantitative market research, trends and statistical analysis. Research of this kind has a variety of uses, from employment and customer satisfaction surveys to the testing of new products, to social and opinion research. The benefits range from discovering particular customer preferences, recognising new market areas and opportunities, assessing the potential success of a particular advertising/marketing campaign and developing new policies and future activities.

Akwan provides a range of market research services including:

– Market opportunities analysis
– Face to face interviews
– Face to face depth interviews
– Telephone interviews
– Focus groups
– Telephone surveys
– Customer surveys
– General public surveys
– Sector-specific surveys
– Region/postcode specific surveys
– Online surveys
– Detailed statistical and analytical reporting
– Branding Research
– The design and implementation of written surveys