Campaign Management

Today, brands are financial assets that have a powerful role to play within any company. The aim of any brand is to build trust, which in turn determines the state of your company reputation. Your relationship with your customers is as vital as sales to measure the level of trust of your company. According to Clancy & Wright (1999), the brand is the only means of creating this relationship with consumers. We offer you a service that puts your customers at the heart of all our promotional campaigns.

Therefore, the aim of our campaigns is creating awareness, acquisition, retention, confidence and essentially building trust between your company and your customers. This is achieved using a mixture of conventional and innovative marketing and promotional activities.
At Akwan, we have a range of services that reflect your requirements and allow the people you want to see the opportunities you have on offer.

“There is no common solution, no ‘one size fits all’ formula, every message we promote is as unique as our customers.”
We can create, manage and promote all aspects of your attendance anywhere to maximise the awareness of your products, service or brand.

Our services include:

• Marketing Campaigns
• Mela (Carnival) Tours
• Events Management
• Project Management
• Conferences and Seminars
• Press Conference
• Response Tracking